Prices & Policies


Patients with health insurance plans typically have just low cost copays for our care. 

Call us at (505) 988-2449 today to learn how your health plan works here at our Clinics!

The following is a list of rates for Self Paying patients. Payment is due in full at the time of service to recieve the discounted rate. All of our rates listed include tax.


  • $125 for Initial Acupuncture, for both Adults and Children
  • $95 for Follow-up Acupuncture for Adults
  • $50 Half hour Follow-Up Acupuncture treatments for children under 12

Medical Massage:

  • $95 for both Initial and Follow-up Medical Massage
  • $125 for Initial Mayan Abdominal Therapy with Dr. Acazia Gilmore, DOM
  • $95 for Follow-up Abdominal Therapy with Dr. Acazia Gilmore, DOM


  • $125 for Initial Consultation, Adult
  • $75 for Follow up Consultation, Adult
  • $125 for Follow up Homeopathy with Acupuncture treatment at same visit, Adult
  • $95 for Initial Consultation, children
  • $55 Follow up Consultation, children
  • $75 for Follow up Homeopathy with Acupuncture, children

Colon Hydrotherapy:

  • $108.00 for Each Session
  • $297 for a Package of 3 (10% Discount!)

Aesthetic Injections

  • Please see our AESTHETICS page in the menu for complete details on pricing.

Gift Certificates

  • Gift Certificates are available Online or at either of our Clinic locations.
  • Gift Certificates may be redeemed by bringing in the gift certificate or receipt (proof of purchase) on the day of treatment. If a Gift Certificate or Proof of Purchase is not brought to the appointment, that Gift Certificate may not be redeemed at the time of service and a cash or credit card payment will be required.
  • Purchased Gift Certificates do not expire, however, Gift Certificates that are won or donated will have an expiration or "use by" date, and do not have any cash value.
  • Gift Certificates may be transferred to another party unless otherwise specified on the Gift Certificate.
  • A Gift Certificate that is used for an appointment that is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice from the appointment time will render the Gift Certificate void in lieu of a cancellation fee.

* Our cancelation policy is 24 hours notice without charge.

If your appointment is not cancelled with notice given by you to our team more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time, the cost of the appointment will be collected.  Typically this is $95.00 but may be higher depending on what type of appointment you scheduled.  Reasonable exceptions for genuine emergencies directly involving the patient who missed an appointment may be made at Staff discretion.  However this requires the Patient who canceled d/t emergency comes in promptly for same service preferably with same provider, as soon as is possible, typically within 4 days or less of the appointment missed; and Written verification / proof of the emergency is also required, in order to cancel without a fee.  You may cancel / reschedule by phone or by email (click CONTACT above to complete our online form). Remember, our office staff is available 7 days a week to take your call!

Reserving a Self Pay Appointment

When scheduling any Self Pay Service, we require a valid credit card number to be kept on file.  We store these numbers in an encrypted database. Once our Staff enters the information, only the last 4 of the credit card number is visible. This information is saved to bill the cost of any appointment cancelled in violation of our policy directly above. We promise to safeguard your confidential credit card information.

Billing your Insurance

Insurance rates are dependent on your insurance plan coverage, copays, and plan year deductibles. We will collect your insurance information at your initial New Patient Intake phone call and advise your of your benefits. Benefit details are not a guarantee of payment, and any benefits paid on your claim are determined by your health insurance company at the time the claim is received and processed.

Copays are due at the time of service. We bill your insurance and an explanation of benefits will be generated by your insurance once your claim has been processed. We encourage our patients to know their benefit information so that they may identify and verify that their health insurance has paid the correct amounts on their claims. Plan limitations are the responsibility of the insurance holder, and any benefit limits surpassed in a benefit year are the patients' responsibility to pay. If you are unsure of your benefit limitations, please consult with your insurance carrier.

Below are just a few of the New Mexico based Employer plans that cover services in our office:

  • State of New Mexico, Presbyterian or Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • County of Santa Fe, Presbyterian of Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • New Mexico Public Schools Insurance Authority (NMPSIA), Presbyterian or Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Los Alamos National Labs, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • City of Santa Fe, CIGNA
  • St. Vincent's Hospital, United Healthcare
  • AND MANY MANY MORE, based both within and outside of NM!

Questions about your Plan? Call us at (505) 988-2449.  We'll directly verify your insurance benefits.

For patients with limited income, you are welcome to fill out our Sliding Scale Paperwork and submit it to us for a possible reduction in fees.