Corinna Levy, Licensed Esthetician

Corinna Levy, Licensed Esthetician



Botanical Facials


Welcome to Natural Beauty from the Inside Out

Mountain Spirit has partnered with Corinna Levy, Licensed Esthetician to offer customized Botanical Facials for our community and its many visitors. To complete our integrative beauty offerings, each client is welcome to add MicroCurrent stimulation, LED Light therapy, High Frequency treatments, Cosmetic Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, and our Doctor prescribed Traditional Asian Herbal Formulas. Our tailored treatments give you an unparalleled facial experience that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty.

Taken alone, each one of these products and services offer real results. Used together, they work dynamically to promote vital, glowing and youthful skin from the inside out.

We have exclusively selected Osmosis Brand Skincare products in our Botanical Facials. We are the premiere Santa Fe location to make their products available for purchase 7 days a week. A botanically based product line, Osmosis skincare is formulated by a Medical Doctor, and blends superfood antioxidants with cutting-edge, nutraceutical therapies. Osmosis products offer specialized care designed for both women and men. 

Botanical Facials Customized for Your Skin Goals

On your first visit, our Esthetician provides a personalized analysis of your skin and treatment goals. She then customizes the products and services you receive, from one of these Four Essential Facials:

1) Refreshing Renewal - Anti-Oxidant / Age Arresting. 
2) PassionFlower Quench - Deep Hydration, Nourishing Dry Skin. 
3) Calming Willow - Soothes Sensitive Skin & Rosacea. 
4) Clarifying Clay - Detoxifies Acne Prone Skin.

Our facials are designed to be affordable. Further, we offer significant discounts and rewards for those who purchase multiple services at once.

Customized Botanical Facials: 
Any One of our Four Essential Facials, Tailored to Your Skin Goals.

  • 30 minutes MiniFacial for $69

  • 40 minutes Lunchtime Facelift for $89

  • 60 minutes Full Facial for $119

  • 90 minutes Deluxe MediFacial for $159, Includes Microcurrent, LED & High Frequency Treatments!

Add-On Services: Optional to Supplement Any Facial

  • MicroCurrent & LED Therapies Whole Face & Neck, Adds 15 minutes to above Facials = Additional $29

  • High Frequency Treatment Adds 15 minutes to above Facials = Additional $29

Osmosisis Natural Skin Care, Natural Wellness

Osmosisis Natural Skin Care, Natural Wellness

Detailed Information About our Botanical Facials

1) Refreshing Renewal: Features Age Arresting Anti-Oxidant Vitamins A & C. Feed your skin and boost antioxidant levels that will invigorate your senses while stimulating the skin. Delivering Vitamin A deep into the skin to encourage cell turnover, enhance DNA repair, build new capillaries, strengthen skin, reduce excess pigmentation. Catalyst serums including GAGs* (see below for details) enhance collagen production and DNA repair to stop excess production of melanin, enhances native sun protection factor, reducing excess pigmentation that frequently accompanies aging skin. StemFactor restores and repairs all layers of the skin, stimulating cell activity for skin tissue harmony. Improved skin function & immunity is better at preventing sun damage and heals existing pigmentation. Nontoxic and natural, non-photosensitizing ingredients serve to lighten, brighten & even out skin tone. You will leave with glowing, smoother, and truly invigorated skin. 

2) PassionFlower Quench: Hydrates Dryness from Deep Within. Nurture and hydrate dry tired skin with a velvety exfoliating Sage and Passion Flower. Deeply hydrating, this facial restores suppleness and quenches the skin. Nourish & plump your skin with this herbal blend. It saturates skin to provide rehydrating ingredients and potent anti-oxidants to immediately provide moisture and nourishment. Protects the skin from free radical damage, stimulates the skin to produce healthy collagen and increases skin circulation and immune function. A healthier, hydrated barrier protects from further damage, while increasing skin firmness and elasticity. Regular use of Corinna's customized skincare prescriptions restore the skin's natural hydration barrier, to improve suppleness for younger, smoother & deeply moistened skin. 

3) Calming Willow: Customized, Soothing Care for Problem Skin. People challenged by sensitive skin, including rosacea, may benefit most from this core facial. Softly soothe with natural Willow and Aloe Vera extracts. Regain healthier, stronger skin that has even tone and youthful appearance. Skin will be calmed, cooled and nourished that results in restoring & repairing all layers of the skin . Gently detoxes, refreshes and repairs inflamed and/or irritated tissue. Thoroughly cleanses skin and mildly exfoliates without stripping the skins protective barrier., increases circulation, nourishes, removes impurities, hydrates, softens, protects, removes toxins, repairs and calms inflammation and redness via inflammatory pathways and mediators. Your skin will feel soft, renewed, and refreshingly soothed. 

4) Clarifying Clay: Detoxification for Acne Prone Skin. This facial was developed specifically for those suffering from moderate to even intense acne, with oily skin. Detoxify and purify the skin with Benzonite clay which soothes hot painful breakouts, while Licorice Root cleans and calms to leave skin feeling balanced and refreshed. This facial helps you clean deep into the pores & reduce excess oil production, but without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. The result is a balanced lipid barrier and acid mantle without disrupting skin's natural pH, working to prevent the vicious cycle of repeated breakouts. Increases circulation and skin immune support, fights free radicals, normalizes oil, and clears acne without causing inflammation. Promotes healing and lessens scarring by stimulating new healthy cells, restoring and repairing all layers of the skin. 

Learn More About Our Osmosis Skincare Products
Osmosis is the pioneer in offering dermal care products that truly partner with the skin to create results without inflammation. While most other products deliver only temporary changes, Osmosis works to provide long term improvements required to maintain optimal skin health. These treatments give you an unparalleled facial that will promote repair and remodeling in the skin while restoring its radiance and beauty. Using revolutionary ingredients delivered via their liposomal delivery system, these products increase skin circulation, replenish growth factors, improve scar recovery, restore antioxidant levels, repair DNA, and activate collagen at the source. When applied consistently over time, this inside-out approach to skin care offers long lasting benefits. 

A note on exfoliation: We offer products and treatments that offer gentle nourishing and progressive exfoliation. This methods provides long lasting results and long term benefit with very little if any down time. Without the potential risk of traumatizing the tissue and eventual adverse aging effects and pigmentation associated with aggressive exfoliation procedures. 

*GAG's: Glycosaminoglycans, known as GAGs, are polysaccharides that play a primary role to maintain and support collagen, elastin & turgidity (bounce) in the cellular spaces, while maintaining protein fibers in balance & proportion. They also promote the ability of collagen and elastin fibers to retain moisture that exist naturally in the dermis of the skin. This natural moisture factor binds nearly 1,000 times their weight in water. Therefore, it's easy to see why these naturally occurring essential fatty acids are included in our age arresting core facial, Refreshing Renewal. 


NOTE: Purchase of Any 5-Facial Package Includes 10% OFF All Osmosis Products for 6 months -&-

Purchase of Any 10-Facial Package Includes 20% OFF All Osmosis Products for 1 Year!

30 minute MiniFacials = $69 Regular price

  • Package of 5 =  $276 “Buy 4 & Get 1 FREE”  ($69 OFF)

  • Package of 10 = $550  “Buy 7 & Get 3 FREE" ($207 OFF)


40 Minute Lunchtime Facelifts = $89 Regular price

  • Package of 5 =  $356 “Buy 4 & Get 1 FREE”  ($89 OFF) 

  • Package of 10 = $623  “Buy 7 & Get 3 FREE” ($267 OFF)

60 Minute Full Facials = $119 Regular price

  • Package of 5 =  $476 “Buy 4 & Get 1 FREE”  ($119 OFF) 

  • Package of 10 = $833  “Buy 7 & Get 3 FREE” ($357 OFF)


90 Minute Deluxe MediFacials Including MicroCurrent + LED and High Frequency Treatment = $159 Regular price

  • Package of 5 =  $636 “Buy 4 & Get 1 FREE”  ($159 OFF) 

  • Package of 10 = $1,113  “Buy 7 & Get 3 FREE” ($477 OFF!)

    A Note on our Package Values and Rules for Redeeming: 
    • Packages may only be redeemed by one person, and are not transferable between people
    • The package is good for life
    • The cash value of the package is non-refundable
    • After ONE YEAR from purchase date, any remaining unused cash value of the package may be used toward any regularly priced products or services at our clinic

Purchase of any 5-Facial Package = 10% OFF All Osmosis Products for 6 months

Purchase of any 10-Facial Package = 20% OFF All Osmosis Products for 1 Year! 

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