Your First Visit

Here’s a brief summary of things to know for your first appointment at our clinic:

  • Initial Acupuncture and Medical Massage appointments usually last 60 minutes

  • Primary Care appointments can vary from 20-40 minutes

  • Wear loose fitting clothing for ease of treatment

  • Give yourself extra time to resume daily tasks

  • Bring lab work or any other relevant information

Call our office to schedule with one of our caring staff.

We appreciate that you have chosen Mountain Spirit to help meet your health goals, and ask that you call us when you have ten to fifteen minutes available to answer wellness questions that will help us be better able to schedule you. Please have your insurance card available to you so that we may advise you on how your individual plan covers your care in our offices. We will inquire on the type of visit you are looking for and find just the right time that suits your schedule and the right practitioner for you unique care requirements.

We will send you a "Welcome to Mountain Spirit" email.

This email will advise you of your appointment time, location, practitioner(s) of care, and the New Patient Intake forms for you to complete prior to your appointment.  If you are unable to print and fill out the forms ahead of time, please come into the office thirty minutes prior to your appointment to give yourself the necessary time to fill out the paperwork without being rushed and with plenty of time to finish the forms before your appointment starts. You can get started on filling out these forms by clicking the button below to download the information. Print it out (double sided, if you can) and complete the forms before your appointment to save time.

We will remind you of your appointment by email, text, or phone.

We do so to ensure that you you are aware of the location of your appointment as we have two locations to serve your needs. If you would like to confirm your appointment by text, press 1 at the prompt and return the text. Your appointment will be confirmed.

After your appointment, we suggest you book out your appointments according to your Doctor's recommended treatment plan.

To ensure your preferred treatment times do not get filled, you may want to book out. Our most popular appointments are the evening and weekend times, and they tend to fill very quickly and have few cancellations. Also, booking your treatments ahead of time helps you remember to come in and recieve the treatment you need. So often our hectic work and home schedules become overwhelming and we forget to call or make the appointments we so genuinely intended on making, only to realize the time has slipped by and we haven't had time for self care. Booking appointments ahead of time, and keeping them on the same day of the week helps us to remember our "Me" time that can be so helpful on the road to better wellness.


It’s ideal to schedule your first appointment for a day and time in which you will not have to work after your treatment. That way you can learn how you respond to treatment with ease and without the risk of neglecting any work responsibilities. We are open 7 days a week, 363 days per year to ensure you’re able to schedule at a convenient time. But if you have to work after your initial treatment just let us know and we’ll be sure to accommodate you.

Our providers use many sources of in a detailed analysis of your medical condition and health history. We are here to serve your medical needs and help you reach your health goals. Doing this takes a little extra time, but our patients are worth the effort.

Our providers will advise you at the time of treatment regarding what state of dress is ideal for treating your medical condition(s), based on your health goals.

Our Doctors of Oriental Medicine take into consideration a wide range of information when treating patients. We focus on your concerns including when the symptoms began, their nature and severity, what has and has not worked for treating them in the past. We also analyze your overall state of physical and emotional wellness including sleep and energy cycles, diet and nutrition, emotional and mental health history. We also consider how a patient’s career, lifestyle, and primary relationships affect their states of health and disease.

Please keep in mind that as our patient you are welcome to share as much or as little information as you want. We believe that when a patient provides key information about their overall wellness and health challenges, we may provide even better care.

We often look at the tongue and always palpate the body, including the pulses from radial arteries on both arms, to complete our diagnosis and treatment plan based on traditional Asian medicine principles.

We look forward to working with you!