Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine

Welcome to Mountain Spirit in the heart of Santa Fe

Quality Acupuncture, Massage, Naprapathy,
Herbal Medicines & Botanical Skincare

Now Celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

Our patients come from all walks of life, and our dynamic team
of 16 Practitioners naturally reflects this wonderful diversity.

We're committed to meeting your healthcare needs when it's convenient for you.

That's why we are open 7 days a week, Monday through Sunday, morning through evening.

Our Clinic also Features:
+ Clean, tranquil clinic environment to support your healing
+ Central location in the heart of Santa Fe, near South Capitol RailRunner station
+ In-Network Providers for most all NM insurance plans
+ Natural relief for most medical conditions, free of toxic drugs and dependency
+ Five treatment rooms designed with the art of Feng Shui,
    each symbolizing one of the five elements of traditional Asian medicine
+ Gorgeous mountain views to naturally enhance the zen quality of our care
+ Green Discounts for Patients who "green" their way in for treatment
    (Walk, Bike, Public Transportation, or Carpool)

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Sincerely Yours, The Whole Mountain Spirit Team




Health Care Services


We offer a wide variety of styles, techniques, and instruments in acupuncture and massage therapy services. By maintaining diverse theoretical perspectives, treatment approaches, and providers within a unified concept of promoting wellness naturally, the diverse members of our community are able to find treatments that work for them.

Unlike most modern medicine we spend quality time with our Patients. A typical first session includes at least one hour of focused attention from one of our Providers. We take the time to understand not just your conditions but your whole system. Then we’re able to develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.

We use state of the art techniques of Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, Massage and Herbal Prescriptions. We use the highest quality Acupuncture needles in the world. They are so thin they can be curled into a loop and waved like water! To ensure access to care, we have appointments available morning to evening, every day of the week.


Our Mission

At Mountain Spirit, we are an integrative team, working together to serve the natural medicine needs of our whole community. We reflect the diversity and insight of the people we're honored to work for: our Patients.

Our Patients come from all walks of life. We know that you live, work, and receive healthcare on your own schedule. That's why we're open morning through evening 7 days a week, year-round.

We offer care that has been passed down through hundreds of generations. Specializing in Oriental Medicine and Manual Therapies allows us to offer natural relief, free of toxic drugs and dependency.

Our team's exclusive goal is to be partners in your wellness, while providing you with the high level of quality healthcare we expect for our selves and our families.