Welcome to Mountain Spirit

Featuring two clinics in the heart of Santa Fe:  South Capitol and our new Downtown location.

Open 7 days a week, with flexible scheduling morning through evening for your wellness needs.

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Have you seen the news? We have added providers for your care and convenience. Check our news page for updates and current events!



Our team of 18 Practitioners naturally reflects the wonderful diversity of our community.

Our Clinics also Feature:

  • Tranquil and Modern environments to support your healing
  • Health Insurance Welcome and billed for your convenience
  • In-Network Providers for most NM insurance plans
  • Natural Relief for many medical conditions, with treatment options free of toxins or dependency
  • Peaceful, Private Treatment Rooms designed with the art of Feng Shui
  • Gorgeous Views to naturally enhance the zen quality of our care
  • Green Discounts for Patients who "green" their way in (Walk / Bike / Carpool / Public Transit)

Call us anytime to schedule!

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We are contracted with these major insurance plans. Have one of these plans? You may have coverage for services such as Acupuncture or Medical Massage. Call us today to have us verify your benefits.