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  • Reiki Practitioner, Level 2

Noelle Frost, Licensed Massage Therapist

Noelle grew up in Washington State where she left home at a young age to explore her dreams and passions. In 1997 she moved to Ithaca, NY where she studied Western Herbalism at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine. In 1998 she moved to Canada and studied Reiki, becoming a practitioner shortly after. After studying shamanism and traveling in Mexico, Noelle moved to New Mexico to go to massage school.

She graduated from the Scherer Institute (now Santa Fe School of Massage) in 2000 and began her career in massage therapy primarily working with oncology patients and pre/post natal massage. Noelle has two children and provides a safe and nurturing container for a child to receive bodywork for their first time. She graduated in the Spring of 2013 from Santa Fe Community College in Paralegal & Legal Studies.

After a brief venture into the legal world, Noelle has joyfully returned to her private practice and Mountain Spirit Integrative Medicine. In 2013, she has begun to focus primarily on women's wellness, specifically in the area of breast massage. Her work is a unique integration of modalities, addressing the dynamic needs of her patients through bodywork which is intuitive and deeply nurturing.