• Acute/chronic pain

  • Chronic headaches

  • Whiplash

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Plantar fasciitis


  • Neuromuscular therapy

  • Myofascial unwinding

  • Therapeutic/Swedish massage

  • Trigger point release

  • Integrative deep tissue

  • Structural balancing


Kayla Lucky, Licensed Massage Therapist

Kayla grew up in Utah and graduated there with her bachelor's degree in Psychology. She always wanted to work with people and help them improve quality of life. This search took her to upstate New York, where she spent 3 years living and working at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies. Here she studied a variety of alternative healing methods including nutrition, yoga, meditation, and varied forms of energy and body work. It was here she began her own healing process through massage. By getting weekly sessions, Kayla began to get sensation back in her spine that she hadn't felt since breaking her neck some 10 years before. This inspired her to move to New Mexico, attend the Santa Fe School of Massage, and become a licensed massage therapist.

After graduating massage school in 2013, Kayla followed her passion for medical massage and injury rehabilitation. She received her 100 hour certification to become a neruomuscular therapist. She now assists teaching in the certification course. Kayla enjoys spending time talking about the body, sharing her passion to help educate people on ways to move more efficiently and increase overall function. This led her to receive her Registered Massage Therapy Instructor license and she has been teaching at the Santa Fe School of Massage since 2016. She currently teaches Nurturing Therapeutic Massage and Integrative Deep Tissue, as well as being the student clinic supervisor.

Kayla likes to start sessions by slowly opening up the fascia in the body and getting the nervous system to relax. She will often employ targeted, specific work to muscles in the body. Her extensive training in postural analysis allows her to find old patterns that may be causing pain, dysfunction, or inefficient movement. She also likes to spend time with nurturing Swedish massage so that the body can incorporate any changes and find it's way back to balance. Deep work does not have to be painful to be effective. Kayla's approach to working with the body varies by individual needs. She is a strong believer in listening to each person, both their story and their body, and meeting them where they need to be in their process to optimal health and well-being. Kayla believes that the human body has an innate wisdom and sense of balance that can heal itself when listened to and met.