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This dynamic new approach at Mountain Spirit is designed to naturally support women throughout life's many experiences and transformations. Our team of professionals has collaborated with the intention to develop unique & unified services that promote a woman's wellness from within. Focusing on physical, emotional and energetic experience, we are dedicated to help each woman who selects these services to balance her rhythms, tissues, organ systems and her whole self. We include female specific concerns such as menstrual challenges, hormonal imbalances, breast health (assistance with breast tissue monitoring, sensitivity/pain, cycle-related issues, lactation challenges) and more.

As well addressing female specific concerns, Women's Wholistic Wellness treatments are equally inclusive of common human needs such as alleviating physical tension or pain, balancing sleep and energy cycles, supporting emotional wellness, and aiding digestive health. Traditional Asian and Naprapathic Medicines work in concert with manual therapies, including Well Breast Massage. Together these services are focused on supporting each woman's innate homeostasis to prevent illness, heal from disease, and nurture wellness.

About Breast Massage

Well Breast Massage* is a treatment designed to increase the flow of chi, or life force energy, through the Breast tissues and the whole body. As a result, overall health and vitality is supported. Women's Wholistic Wellness at Mountain Spirit may include Well Breast Massage integrated with whole body manual therapy, and more.

This optional and voluntary method of treatment is reserved for those who select it, in advance of beginning a massage therapy session. Any woman who selects these services may also opt out at any time, including during a treatment session. You are always encouraged to notify the Provider of body areas, if any, where you would like to receive modified or omitted treatment. We are happy to accommodate your preferences!

During treatments, the Provider is available at your request to create a healing routine designed specifically for your goals. Solely at your request, your partner may attend these sessions, if you decide that you'd like to learn the techniques of Well Breast Massage together.

Benefits of Well Breast Massage

+ Well Breast Massage increases the circulation of fluids like blood and lymph. Since breast tissue does not have muscles to move them, massage is a gentle and effective way to stimulate fluid circulation. Congestion and restriction of movement of breasts from tight clothing is a cause of pain and symptomatic tissue changes.

+ This treatment may ease the discomfort of scar tissue caused from surgery. Lymph flow is compromised around scar tissues.

+ Well Breast Massage supports healthy touch and encourages women to send the message of health and wellness into their bodies as they are performing regular massage. As a result women's attitudes and feelings about their breasts take on a more comfortable status and Well Breast Massage becomes a normal activity.

+ The overall tone and fascial structure of breast tissue is supported and strengthened with Well Breast Massage. Breast tissue becomes more alive and vibrant with increased circulation from massage.

+ Women feel empowered with having a technique that is free and effective in eliminating symptoms that are benign. They take responsibility for their health by being informed and educated about their bodies.

+ This treatment is for women of all ages and life experiences, who select it. As women age, their bodies including breast tissues, transform in many ways. Therefore it is important to know what normal change is and how to address symptoms that are outside of normal.

+ Well Breast Massage can become the turning point in a healing regimen as it increases the speed and comfort of healing. The pain and discomfort experienced from various health conditions is eased significantly with healthy touch and movement of tissues.

Indications & Contraindications for Well Breast Massage*:

  • Congestion & swelling
  • Discomforts of pregnancy,
    breastfeeding, and weaning
  • Premenstrual & menopausal tenderness
  • Breast pain
  • Breast injuries
  • Post-surgical symptoms
  • Discomforts of cancer treatments
  • Reduction of muscle tone following submuscular implant placement
  • Clients like the holism of including
    breast treatment in their massage
  • Client has a personal goal of
    becoming more comfortable
    with having her breasts touched
  • Assistance with breast monitoring
  • Lactation mastitis, post-surgical infection, current active infection of any kind
  • Specific on-site work at the
    location of an undiagnosed lump
  • Specific on-site work at
    the location of an abscess
  • Use of closed capsulotomy, or any
    other forceful technique attempting to reduce implant-related contracture
  • Direct pressure on an implanted
    breast manifesting a distorted contour
  • Implanted breast with submuscular placement manifesting lateral
    breast and subscapular pain

Care Coordination

Patients receiving Women's Wholistic Wellness treatments may choose from one of our Doctors of Oriental Medicine or Naprapathic Doctors (licensed in NM as Physicians) for consultation at their initial visit. Our Physicians develop a treatment plan for patients' health goals. Further, their supervision of our LMT providers expands insurance coverage to include more health plans, often making our care accessible at low cost co-pays. Care coordination facilitates us working in concert with your allopathic or "Western" medical care, to help rule out or refer for any potentially serious medical conditions.

Traditional Asian Medicine Approaches to Women's Wellness

Chinese Medicine has observed and taught humankind for millennia that all body systems are integrated and interdependent on one another for health & wellness. Our Doctors of Oriental Medicine endeavor to utilize this wisdom while working with each unique person they serve. Therefore many women choose to integrate Acupuncture and herbal medicine into their Women's Wholistic Wellness treatments.

Furthermore, many Acupoints are helpful for balancing menstrual cycles and healing breast tissues. Patients may benefit from treating these points with Acupuncture & even self Acupressure:

Stomach Meridian 18, known as "Ru Gen" or Breast Root. In the 5th intercostal space, often at the lower margin of each breast.

Conception Vessel 17, "Dan Zhong" or Chest Center. Middle of sternum or breast bone, midway between nipples.

Small Intestine 11, "Tian Zong" or Celestial Gathering. Found on the dorsum or back, at lower third of the shoulder blades. Each of these points may help treat: Breast Distention & Tenderness, Fibrocystic Breast, Mastitis, Insufficient Lactation, and other chest-related conditions such as Asthma/Cough.

Each of these points may help treat: Breast Distention & Tenderness, Fibrocystic Breast, Mastitis, Insufficient Lactation, and other chest-related conditions such as Asthma/Cough.

Traditional Asian herbs and formulas address breast imbalances and diseases. For fibrocystic breast disorder, a primary herbal medicine is Resolve (Upper) by Evergreen Herbs. This formula has potent yet safe anti-inflammatory properties, particularly for breast tissue. Women challenged with absent or limited postnatal lactation often benefit from the inclusion of "Yi Mu Cao" or Tonify Mother Grass to promote flow of breast milk for their infant. These are just a few examples among many. Our herbal, nutritional supplement, and dietary recommendations are tailored to your unique health needs.

We are committed to working together as a team to support your natural wellness.

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*Well Breast Massage is by license the creation of Caryn Boyd Diel, LMT, Instructor and Director of the White Cloud Institute in Santa Fe, NM. "Breast Massage"

"Indications and Contraindications" section excerpted from Breast Massage
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