Dr. Gina Morishige, DOM

Corinna Levy, Licensed Esthetician

  • Customized Organic Facials
  • Micro-Current Facial Stimulation
  • High-Frequency Therapy
  • Certified Microdermabrasion Technician
  • Facial Massage
  • Holistic Skincare Consultations
  • Tissue Stimulation to Encourage Detoxification
  • Assessing Root Cause of Skin Problem
  • Nutritional & Herbal Supplement Coaching
  • Acne / Rosacea
  • Aging Skin
  • Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles
  • Facial tension
  • Facial muscle weakness / atrophy
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Photo-Damaged / Pigmented Skin


A native of Santa Fe, Corinna Levy has been practicing as a Licensed Esthetician since 2007.  She loves to work with her clients to perfect a healing, nurturing and rejuvenating treatment for the beauty of the skin, while promoting the health of the whole person. With almost a decade providing skincare services, she has extensive knowledge in her field and is passionately invested in helping her clients express their inner vitality and beauty throughout their lives. 

To promote this vision, Ms. Levy has invested several months of research in selecting Osmosis Medical Skincare products, now featured here at Mountain Spirit. Her work has transformed these products, featuring Certified Organic Ingredients, into customized facial services. She seamlessly weaves facial and neck massage into her sessions, and specializes in advanced skin healing technologies such as Micro-Current stimulation, LED light therapies, and High-Frequency therapies. Joining with our Doctors of Oriental Medicine who provide Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation treatments & customized nutraceuticals, together they ensure each client receives a comprehensive approach to the care of his or her skin. 

Treating the skin and person as one is the best way to achieve an ideal balance of glowing beautiful youthful skin at any age. You're invited to call or click anytime and reserve an appointment with Corinna.  Her skincare is designed to nourish your body, mind and spirit! 


Corinna grew up immersed in a natural experience of wellness. Her mother was always very aware of natural healing principles, providing only healthy organic foods. Her father is a student and teacher of Tai Chi, and studied Herbology under the renowned Michael Moore. Corinna herself is an avid health enthusiast. She spends a great deal of her time researching and learning about natural health, nutrition, and organic skincare.

In her formative years, Corinna was already researching and formulating her own natural beauty products with herbs, essential oils, and botanicals, while putting into practice a variety of holistic skin care philosophies.

In her free time, Corinna loves to consistently learn, grow and create. She has a passion for fitness and loves to belly dance and practice Tai Chi. Downtime is spent reading a good book in her backyard garden or walking and hiking Santa Fe's beautiful nature trails.